Outsmarting Goliath by Debra Koontz Traverso Outsmarting Goliath by Debra Koontz Traverso
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Reviews and Quotes About the Book

"Entrepreneurs anxious to wrestle customers away from behemoth corporations will find a gold mine of guidance in this excellent resource... Traverso delivers a wagonload of ideas on competing with bigger businesses... The book's tone is matter-of-fact and highly motivational. To top it off, Traverso has an impressive knack for crafting appetizing text."
—"Today's Librarian", April 2000

"Getting help to compete in a very competitive business like car hire is essential. With established businesses all over the world it is extremely important to get things right. Thanks to this book we have been able to get a foothold in the marketplace and are going from strength to strength."
—" Logan Car Hire;, April 2000

"Traverso gives small businesses far more than a slingshot. She gives them a lush arsenal of marketing weapons and insights that they can use to defeat the giants. Her book is filled with the kind of wisdom that actually gives the Davids of the world just the armament they need against the Goliaths. If I were Goliath, this book would make me quake in my boots."
—Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the "Guerrilla Marketing" book series

"This book has it all. Common sense ideas you can use right now, technology tips for the future, and an easy-to-read motivating style. Outsmarting Goliath is a must-read for every small business owner who doesn't want to stay small."
—Don Taylor, President and CEO, Data Staar Communications and co-author of "Up Against the Wal-Marts"

"Some entrepreneurs view their smallness as such a negative thing that they hardly make an effort to gain lucrative corporate clients. But even if yours is a one-employee home-based business, you can make it appear larger and give big firms confidence in your ability to do the job, according to (the author and this book). It's all a matter of image... (the book) is replete with instructions for self-assessment to determine your current business image and how to enlarge that image..... In an easily read style, 'Outsmarting Goliath' is a complete guide to small business image development."
—Carol Celeste, "The Network Journal"

"One of the fears that so many small business owners live with is the larger companies they may see as competition. Outsmarting Goliath gives every one of them clear, doable strategies and tactics for things they can do, so they can keep their eyes on their OWN growth and success, moving forward successfully, without needing to worry about the other, bigger companies. (This book is) a keeper for the small biz owner's library!"
—Stacy Brice, president of AssistU.com

"Finally a book with marketing techniques that are easy-to-understand and implement! Half-way through the first chapter, I was making changes in my business and the way I *do* business. After reading this book, I know that it is possible to compete with the 'giants' in any industry with a little planning and innovation."
—A "reader" from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"This book is great! The ideas are easy to implement, so I've already applied several to my business and have seen a difference in traffic flow. The many examples help make the book very practical."
—Carl Getalli, Getalli and Associates, New York City

"The author's amazing insight into the needs of independent merchants in this time of accelerating change in the market place is remarkable. Suggestions for achieving performance and a more competitive rivalry with mammoth companies are many and valuable. This is not just a good read, but a handbook for coping."
—Harold E. Hicks, The Book Shop, Inc.


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