Outsmarting Goliath by Debra Koontz Traverso Outsmarting Goliath by Debra Koontz Traverso
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Use Your Small Business Edge
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Small businesses compete with Goliaths? We know, we know. You're wondering if a small business with limited funds can win business with—or away from—large organization that has unlimited resources. That's exactly what Outsmarting Goliath is all about.

Outsmarting the competition doesn't have to mean breaking them, or outpacing them, or even giving them a run for their money. Instead, it can mean flourishing in your market in spite of their existence.

While the big guys are throwing their weight around, it's possible for you to quietly thrive as an underdog, to win the business, to secure the contract, to establish yourself positively in your field.

Use Your Small Business Edge

Make no mistake about it: Goliaths have several competitive advantages. But so do smaller companies. As with every other aspect of a small business, those advantages just aren't as visible as they are for the giants. Small businesses can:

Move faster. It's easier to manage your business, respond to your customers, and react to market fluctuations when you're not bogged down by corporate weight. Goliaths are often too bulky to move quickly.

Get personal. Customers appreciate attention. Goliaths, on the other hand, have to spend time peeling off layers of camouflage and slashing their way through the din and prattle of corporate bureaucracy before they can give themselves permission to show warmth. Ironically, Goliaths have to spend days, weeks, months establishing the perfect policy on customer-focused service before they can practice customer-focused service. Think about local estate agents - they are there on the scene and their clients can physically go see them if needed.

Respond to customer needs. Customers want value, choices, convenience, information, respect, involvement (to feel a part of your business), security (by way of warranties, service plans, customer support), and new and fun experiences. Any small business that can't provide these features shouldn't be in business anyway. If you offer these features, all that's left for you to do is to create the image that says you provide it all.

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Understand What Image Is

Corporate image is more than what you say you are. It's more than your statements to the world of what your company does. All the facets of your business have positive or negative effects on your company's reputation.

Your company's image is the sum of your entire organization, its objectives and plans. It encompasses products, services, management style, communications activities, and the firm's actions.

Thus, if your operation is lazy, unresponsive, complacent, rude, dirty or uncaring, your business is going to destroy itself before Goliath even gets a chance. To determine what the current image of your business is, Conduct An Image Assessment.

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