Outsmarting Goliath by Debra Koontz Traverso Outsmarting Goliath by Debra Koontz Traverso
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Book Table of Contents


Chapter 1

An introduction to developing an image that changes prospects' perceptions and wins you customer loyalty no matter what your line of work or company size.

Assess Your Current Image
Profiling Your Clients' Perception of Your Business
The Small Business Edge
The Image You Present
Understanding Image
Five Factors Controlling the Company Image
Conduct an Image Audit

Perfect Your Company's Name and Address
Choosing a Name and Location that Bolster Your Image
Your Company's Name
Select the Perfect Name
Your Company's Address
If You Work From Home

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Understanding Yourself Can Help You be More Competitive
How Entrepreneurs Differ from Other People
Is Your Attitude Talking?
Honesty is the Best Business Policy
How Do You Describe Yourself?
Keep Educating Your Current Clients
All Work and No Play Makes a Grumpy Entrepreneur
Get a Coach

Polish Your Act Before Taking it on the Road
Building Your Image Through Face-to-Face Communication
Where Should You Meet with Clients?
When Meeting with a Client for the First or Twentieth Time
What Should You Wear When You Meet with Clients?
Carry Quality Accessories

Expect the Unexpected
Preparing in Advance to Safeguard Your Image
Questions that Affect the Image of Home-based and Small Business Entrepreneurs
Know How to Find Strength When Hit with Adversity

Chapter 2

How to use contacts, family, and employees to your advantage while keeping them as involved (or as uninvolved) as you want them to be.

Go Solo, but Not Alone
Projecting a Big Image Without Hiring Employees
Use Business Cards Creatively
Form an Advisory Board
Link Up With a Business Support Network
Secure a Mentor
Form a Partnering Arrangement
Find a Partner
Work with a Virtual Partner
Consider Outsourcing
Look for an Angel

Harness Well-Meaning Family and Employees
Involving Significant Others in Your Image-Building Campaign
Your Two Options
Guidelines for Sanity and Happiness for Family Members

Use Networking to Optimum Advantage
Using Savvy Opportunities to Build Your Contacts
Check the Numbers: Networking Has Power
How to Deliver the Most Impact
Where to Find Networking Opportunities

Chapter 3

A guide for making your business presentable and tweaking daily mundane business rituals into promotional efforts

Master the Telephone
Adding Credibility Each Time the Phone Rings
Your Equipment
Preparing Your Equipment for Calls
Preparing Yourself for Calls
Receiving Calls
Making Calls
The Fine Line Between Deception and Impression
A Routine Call Turns Sour
Can an Answering Service Contribute to Your Image?
Quick Tips from the Telephone Doctor

Make Your Efforts Serve Double Duty
Producing Marketing Materials that Result in Sales and Image Development
Keep it Simple
Keep it Professional
Write for More Exposure
Other Written Pieces
Are You Using Your Tag Line to Full Advantage?
From Vague to Powerful by Changing One Word
The Word that Sells: "You"
Your Brochure: Not the Place to Cut Costs
Words that Work

Change Mundane Tasks into Image-Building Actions
Turning Routine Actions into Valuable Chances to Make a Statement About Your Company
No More Routine Cover Letters
Provide Information on Your Forms; Don't Just Collect It
Make That New Checking Account Look Aged and Proven
Don't Overlook Payments
Beware the Fax Machine
Use Updated Computer Equipment and Associated Support
Don't Overlook Your Mail
And Don't Forget Your Product!
Scrutinize Everything That Goes Out Your Door
Business Cards--Get Creative with This Routine Marketing Device
Drop the Routine Mailings
If Creative Doesn't Work, Try Clever

Chapter 4

How to find your marketing niche, unify your image, take advantage of the Internet, and use low-cost marketing techniques that will make you stand out.

Position Yourself Against the Competition
Unifying Your Image with Your Unique Marketing Niche
Nine Ways to Discover Your Niche
Target the Right Audience

Capitalize on the Internet
Taking Advantage of the Internet to Equalize the Competition's Head Start
Study the Trends
Consumers Use the Internet for Information
Consumers Use the Web to Save Time
Consumers Use the Web to Make Shopping Easier
Consumers Accept "All Things being Equal"
Businesses Actively Seek Other Businesses on the Web
Getting Maximum Exposure for Minimum Effort

Market on a Shoestring Budget
Fine-Tuning Your No-to-Low Cost Promotional Options
First: A Word of Comfort
Second: A Word of Caution
Finally: A Word of Advice
The Free Offer

Practice Unconventional Marketing
Techniques That Will Make You Stand Out From Your Competition





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