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Among the Goliaths
Her Services

Debra Koontz Traverso photo Debra Koontz Traverso is a sought-after writer, trainer, speaker, and consultant in business communications. She is also co-president of www.WriteDirections.com, a virtual institute offering consulting and convenient distance-learning classes by telephone and e-mail in business, personal and promotional writing. Students have "attended" her teleclasses from New England to New Zealand.

Debra works with small and large businesses, as well as with several Web companies destined to become Goliaths, coaching them in business image development, presentation and marketing communications.

She is also a guest instructor at Harvard University and adjunct faculty at her local community college, and the author of The Small Business Owner's Guide to a Good Night's Sleep: Preventing and Solving Chronic and Costly Problems (Bloomberg Press, August 2001),TV Time: 150 Fun Family Activities that Turn Your Television into a Learning Tool (Avon Books) and The Complete Home Improvement and Decorating Organizer (CDM Group).

Among the Goliaths

Debra worked for, with, and around Goliaths for years, as a business journalist, marketing communications specialist, management consultant, and business owner. She has written about them, counseled them, advised them, and competed against them.

Her guidance is based on her own real-life experience as well as that of hundreds of other entrepreneurs she has interviewed and counseled. For almost ten years, she operated a successful small business offering crisis communication and management expertise, and—although it consisted of just her, one partner, and a few part-time associates—she competed with the Goliaths to land impressive contracts with organizations such as United Parcel Service, NASA, Dow Chemical, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Her Services

  • Articles
  • Columns
  • Consulting
  • Ghost Writing
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Radio Shows
  • Seminars
  • Workshops

Debra is available to deliver custom-designed seminars and workshops on any combination of topics covered in Outsmarting Goliath, as well as effective business writing for busy executives.

She also excels as a business journalist and marketing/publicity communication specialist.

As co-president of WriteDirections.com, she can tailor any of the more than 45 teleclasses it offers to fit the needs of special groups—in person or through a combination of e-mail handouts and telephone. Find a list of classes at www.WriteDirections.com.

Debra also offers an intense one-hour, one-on-one telephone session with aspiring book authors. During this hour, she demystifies the book publishing process, helps writers map out a plan for getting their book published, and explains how to find and approach the right agent, and how to secure their interest with a winning query letter and book proposal.

To contact Debra for references, rates and further information, send an e-mail to Debra@OutsmartingGoliath.com.

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